San Mateo's Hollywood Row

Have you ever taken a stroll down Hollywood Row in San Mateo?  If not, it's definitely worth a quick peek!  Check it out next time you go to Nini's. Located just south of Peninsula Avenue on N. Idaho St, between Peninsula and State St, these homes were said to be built for the movie stars, directors, and producers of silent movies at Peninsula Studios in the 1920's.  Here are a few films Peninsula Studios produced according to

The Awful Truth - 1925 The Girl on the Stairs - 1925 Beauty and the Bad Man - 1925 Let Women Alone - 1925 Chalk Marks - 1924 The Wise Virgin - 1924

Peninsula Studio's lasted through the 1920's while the industry was transitioning from New York to Hollywood.  The building in which the studio was located still stands at the corner of Peninsula Avenue and Woodside Way, it's a Japanese restaurant now.

The scene on Hollywood Row is quaint and similar to what  you'd expect to see in San Mateo's Aragon or Burlingame's Lyon-Hoag neighborhood -- a nice wide tree lined street, manicured lawns, and classic Spanish-Mediterranean villas.  Homes on this block will sell for $700,000-$1,000,000+.