Help! My house is haunted!!!

Ever think about this?  I'm not so much superstitious but can't help but think about this sometimes when I'm out looking property.  I see a lot of homes, some of them are just plain creepy -- whether they're just really old, have a strange smell, the floor boards make noise when you walk on them, or it's just kind of cold in some rooms and not in others.  I've heard stories from Realtors about being inside of a home and keys all of sudden going missing and then showing up in another room, radios turning on by themselves, and doors slamming. So what do you do if you find out your home is haunted?  I haven't personally dealt with it so I can't tell you first hand, but I would say do some research and spend a lot of time in the home you buy, before you buy it.  If something strange is going on you'll notice it then.

Sellers are required to disclose if there was a death on the property in the last 3 years by law.  If it happened over 3 years ago the seller doesn't necessarily have to disclose, but you can ask and they should tell you.  You probably will not see anything in the disclosures stating "this house is haunted".  Go figure!