Lenolt, Redwood City: for the Mid Peninsula $400-700k single family home buyer

Lenolt, or the ABC streets, in Redwood City is ideal for the Mid-Peninsula first time buyer.  Many first time buyers and families flock to Lenolt because of the school district, tree lined streets, central location, and because the price is right.  Here's some info on Lenolt homes:

Where exactly is Lenolt?  Located east of El Camino Real, between Old County Road and Industrial Way, and between G Street and Whipple Avenue, in Redwood City.  These homes are on the smaller side and typically only have a 1 car garage, but are a great alternative to living in a condo.  The neighborhood borders San Carlos and is really close to both downtown San Carlos and Redwood City.  Here are some homes you might expect to see in Lenolt: